Networking Event

October 1st, 2023

The University of Alabama | Hewson Hall

What are we doing?

UA Innovate

UA Innovate is hosting a one-day, career fair and networking event for technology, business, and entrepreneurship students to interact and network with top corporate companies. UA Innovate strives to provide an inclusive environment by supporting individuals in STEM related fields, regardless of expertise. In order to enhance the experiences of both students and sponsors, UA Innovate's new fall event looks to:

  • Recruit innovative students
  • Foster diverse networking
  • Connect companies and top talent
  • Promote collaborative creativity
  • Facilitate growth in the community
  • Experience technological entrepreneurship

Why are we doing this?

Our Mission

UA Innovate strives to unite the emerging talent of technologists with diverse skill sets and
backgrounds. We want to use our passion to come together to empower the change-
makers of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our passion is rooted in the idea of using our skills to create lasting impacts with like-
minded individuals. We aim to create an inclusive environment for individuals in STEM
related fields, to increase the knowledge, opportunity, and potential of our society.

Who supports us?

Founding Partners and Volunteers

additional sponsors coming soon...

When is it happening?



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
Padfolio, Copies of Resumes, Notebook, Pen

How long is the event?
The event starts Sunday after lunch and will end Sunday evening. The full schedule will be released at a later date

What is the dress code?
Business Professional (full suit, collared shirt, tie, knee length dresses, dress shoes)